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Belton Photography


Belton, Texas
United States
(484) 225-2278
Hello Beautiful! I’m Carmen. I am a wedding, portrait, and boudoir photographer. My husband Jake is right by my side as a videographer. We love to capture those special moments that live on forever in a family album, a beautifully framed picture, or an elegant film. Our goal is to capture your raw and authentic moments that make for the best memories. We are a family-team based out of Killeen, Texas, and love to travel. Not only am I a wife to an amazing man, Jake; I’m a mom to three awesome kiddos.

Capturing people’s life through my viewfinder is magical. I love how unique each of my couples are and seeing what makes them who they are, which is why photography has been a part of my life since high school (18 years). What started out as a school project, turned into a professional passion in 2012. I provide light, bright, and airy fine art photographs that are full of detail and rich in creamy colors.

We’d love to hear from you and your significant other! Let’s make it a date.. on us of course.

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